Gravitator Platformer

Добавлено 16 авг 2022 в 14:40
Made in Unity and published here:

Gravitator is an incredibly hardcore project that will make you shrink
into a small ball and squeeze your android tablet as hard as if your
life and the life of your beloved dog depended on it.
You are sure
that you can neither be surprised nor amazed, and in general you are
impenetrable. The bad news is that you just haven't installed this game
for yourself yet. She begins to destroy the understanding of the world
immediately after the cutscene.Gravitator is a freaky compassionate game
that's going to be a popular app on your device!
• Epic free game
• 16 levels of varying difficulty
• Cool visuals combined with unique physics and addictive gameplay
• Invigorating soundtrack
• Lots of characters
• I read every review, and, perhaps, YOUR IDEA EXACTLY will one day be realized and appear in the game!

How to play: press the jump button to change gravity - and everything will work out;)
Good game!)
Thank you for playing Gravitator!
Do not forget to rate the game and leave your feedback. Your opinion is very important to me!

I am constantly working on the game and am glad to hear your feedback and ideas!
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