Добавлено 28 сен 2022 в 20:20
Medieval Grindstone 3D Model.
Game ready mesh and textures.
Tris: 5001.
Vertices: 2671.
High resolution textures exported out of Substance Painter.
Textures: 4096x4096 - PBR Color, Roughness, Metalness, NormalMap, Ambient Occlusion.
F5dded1072 Aeec690985 Dc3f4af9a6 28dec5cc3c Baa0bb17d6 B79daa1b96 4070d9f68a 4b656dd9d1 1bb62728b2 C454fe20a6 D51d00619f 00cfbbed37 79227be2f9