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IOS Daily Zodiac Horoscope

Добавлено 14 дек 2022 в 17:04
In a time where life can get stressful, this practice offers a lot of fascination, reassurance, and entertainment. This app makes us connect to the nature, the stars, the Universe. The app shows the impact of stars and celestial bodies to the Earth and the life it provides an unusual, interesting and a good way to discover personal potential, especially when present in a proper and professional manner.

To create a simple, beautiful horoscopes app. The general problem with horoscope apps is that they’re too wordy. We aimed to make the horoscopes quick to read and a pleasure to look at. We created an easy-to-use, playful and pretty app. Users really like the ability to quickly view their horoscope, qualities and compatibility without having to scour the internet for hours or read through long texts.