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Technical requirements "Dresswear Mobile App"

Добавлено 10 янв 2023 в 20:50
Пример документации для мобильного приложения / структура

Project description
Technical Requirements "Dresswear Mobile App"

Mobile app features:

3.1 Creating a user profile and choosing a character

3.1.1 Start screen.

3.1.2 Character selection

3.2 Selecting or determining the geolocation

3.3 Application main screen and weather display

3.3.1 Display background

3.3.2 Show character clothes

3.3.3 When there is no internet

3.4 Matching clothes and displaying the product card

3.4.1 Product image preview

3.5 Show outlets on the map

3.6 Application settings

3.7 Help Screen

3.8 App evaluation

3.9 Share app screen

3.10 Sending Push Notifications