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Technical requirements "LOYALTY PROGRAM"

Добавлено 10 янв 2023 в 20:54
Пример структуры документа на нового проекта (StartUp)

Project description
Technical Requirements for the Web and Mobile apps "Loyalty Program".
- Project duration – 60 days
- Number of UX layouts – 44
- Number of document pages – 138

Examples of the contents:
1. Introduction

2. General description of system services and their interaction
2.1 System services
2.2 System service partners
2.3 System service clients
2.4 System structure

3. QR code generator
3.1 General principle of operation
3.2 Technical requirements
3.3 Principle of interaction with system services

4. Database
4.1 General characteristics
4.2 Database structure
4.3 Methods of interaction with system services

5. Package sale service
5.1 Service description
5.2 Description of the structure of the service in the database, and methods for registering events in the database
5.3 Description of the service API for information exchange with partners

and other