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UI/UX Designer

Вертихвостка — Grooming Salon Website

Добавлено 06 июн 2023 в 04:36
Grooming Salon "Vertihvostka" provides professional grooming services for dogs, cats, rabbits and cavys — hygienic, modeling, creative haircuts, trimming, washing, drying, combing, hygiene of the ears, eyes, glands, teeth cleaning and much more for your pets. They will help to put your pet in order, prepare for a celebration or radically change the look.

The task was to create landing page + other utility pages such as services catalog, discounts, gallery of works, blog and map page in friendly non-serious style. And also adaptive all pages for mobile

In order to create a friendly playful style I decided to choose colorful theme of four bright saturated colors and design all elements in very rounded frames which make design look more friendly. For font I choosed "Unbounded" for headers which is not rounded but still have decorative forms and in general it's not perceived as "corporate" serious. And "Montserrat" for using in text for readability
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