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TennisHero (http://smartum.pro/ru/project/sportshero)

Добавлено 15 сен 2016 в 17:10
TennisHero ( http://smartum.pro/ru/project/sportshero )

The application features communication, competing and sharing opportunities, as well as global and regional ranking systems – all of which required profound back-end development and integration. The global ranking system is based on the famous ELO rating system used by the Chess Federation. This is a pre-defined method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in competitor v. competitor’s games. The rating system is amended to account for the magnitude of the win in terms of the difference between for instance winning all sets and playing an even match. The app enables users to record the result of the challenge, win points and move up a global ranking as well as a regional ranking and a ranking among “friends”. Once registered, the user can challenge friends by either searching through a directory of existing users or by inviting friends to use the app.
Within 16 weeks we’ve developed sports app featuring a multilevel ranking system for tennis fans all over the world. This multiplayer game enables users to challenge each other, schedule games, track and compete scores, participate in global ratings, share results – and all that with just a few simple clicks due to simple and smooth user experience.
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