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Добавлено 21 сен 2016 в 10:59
Can you stop the platforms on time? Enjoy 4 different fun and exciting game modes.

Normal Mode
Do not let the ball fall down. You will need to build the path in real time. Stop the new platform by tapping on the screen. If the platform is not exactly aligned with the others, the path will become smaller.

Car Mode
Do not crash your car. Stop the platforms on time to prevent other cars from hitting.

Flip Mode
Stop the platforms on time. But be careful. Some platforms have an arrow. When you stop them, they will flip in the direction of the arrow. You will need to build a path for the ball.

Easy Mode
Do you still need some practice? This mode is for beginners only.

Collect gems and use them to unlock new balls and cars. Share your score with your friends. How far can you get? Enjoy the ride.

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