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Добавлено 31 дек 2016 в 18:43
If you live in a major city you know how bad traffic and emissions can be. What you might not realize is that PARKING is a huge part of the problem and for some reason we aren’t talking about it.

Drivers cruise for an average of 20 minutes or 1⁄2 mile every time they look for parking. This accounts for 30% of city traffic and adds up to billions of unnecessarily driven miles, wasted gallons of gas, and harmful emissions.

Pavemint is a mobile community and a parking app that makes it easy for anyone with a parking space to connect with drivers looking for parking. With Pavemint, drivers can reserve parking before they even get in the car so they never have to circle the block again.

Pavemint’s mission: To create a community that believes in solving the environmental impact of parking through human powered technology. It’s a win for the environment, a win for drivers, and a win for property owners.

Pavemint is the mobile parking app that makes your life easier and helps you earn money all while making your city a better place to live.