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A platform for payment processing

Добавлено 30 дек 2017 в 03:23
1) Added functions to the personal pages

2) Setup API for the payment systems

3) Integration of merchants and clients

4) xml API

5) Server administration on amazon (RDS, S3, EC2, VPC, Cloudwatch)

6) PCI DSS sertification,

7) Security of servers and systems

Technologies: CakePHP, PHP5, CSS3, HTM5, XML, MySQL, Nginx, WAF, Debian Linux, IPtables, Amazon AWS

The goal was to create a platform for payment service dealing with payment processing. The company serves online merchants marketing their goods and services in this region by providing connectivity to a variety of popular payment mechanisms.

In addition to card payments (Visa, MasterCard), merchants use a wide range of alternative payment methods.