Ruby developer to code web service that interacts with whois servers

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22 сентября 2019, 14:44 • 9 откликов • 39 просмотров
Need an experienced ruby dev to build a small service that interacts with whois servers using and shows results to the user.

1. Performance is very important. So everything must be optimized and requests cached correctly
2. Site consists of frontend UI and json API
3. Rate limit requests per IP
4. Limit requests per API key
5. Long term plan for user panel and billing

Priority is to deploy the service live for free for everyone to use and work on bug fixing and new features.
Later user accounts and billing will be added as well.
Service will be deployed to Heroku.

a. The job is for backend and design can be provided in html. BUT if you are able to also do the frontend that is a big bonus. Note that in your bid.
b. I am looking for freelancers that work per hour. So please include your hourly rate.

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