UI Design for big fintech project

180 000 руб. за проект
14 мая 2020, 18:18 • 33 отклика • 153 просмотра
Hi All!

I'm looking for UI/UX designers in the big fintech project. All details in PM because the project is under NDA.

In a nutshell - I had a lot of data in SPA and I need to visualize it.

I'm looking for a person experienced in UI/UX design in fintech, trading, or banking area, buy It is not so important.

I'm ready to discuss this opportunity with anyone who has experience in a highloaded project designing with a wealth of data.

Minimalistic UI design from scratch with a maximum of data visualized and comfortable user experience.

The most important thing is a wise experience in UI/UX design in fintech, trading, and banking systems.

All financial details only after your portfolio.

The better your portfolio, the greater the amount of payment =)

Necessary thing - your portfolio, which includes similar projects (2-5 is more than enough)

Behance link is the most relevant way, but Dribble is also OK =)