Front-end разработка проекта, Pixel perfect, vue.js nuxt.js

35 000 руб. за проект
09 июня 2020, 16:34 • 6 откликов • 55 просмотров
Hi there!
We need a very responsible programmer for site layout. We are very responsible about our work, so we have high requirements. If you are not sure that you will cope perfectly with our requirements, please do not waste your time, but if they are suitable for you, we will be happy to cooperate not only on this project, but also on many others in the future.

Project description:
- small corporate website without a personal account;
- includes 10 pages(including page 404);
- there are built-in microservices;

Project requirements:
- Pixel Perfect;
- Value 75+ for Mobile and 90+ Desktop ;
- Human-friendly URL's in English;
- The reduction of the image with maximum preservation of quality;
- Mandatory code commenting;
- Quality analysis on each page(bugs, errors)
- Cross-browser compatibility: Internet Explorer versions 10 and higher, Mozilla Firefox versions 32.0 and higher, Google Chrome versions 34.0 and higher, Opera versions 11 and higher, Safari versions 6 and higher;
- incorporation of all necessary microservices(GeoIP, AutoComplete);

Requirements for completing the work:
- Good knowledge of Figma ;
- Good knowledge of JavaScript Native ;
- Good understanding of Vue.js ;
- Good understanding of Nuxt.js ;
- Understanding the principles of semantic layout;
- Ability to structure code and write detailed descriptions of functions;
- Experience with Git version control system;
- Understanding the principles of SSR ;
- BEM class naming;
- Experience with SCSS ;
- CSS animations;
- Experience with async await functions;
- Experience with Api with Axios ;
- the work is performed under the supervision of our Team Lead, which monitors the implementation of code and quality requirements;
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~ 2 года назад