Full stack web developer for interesting and complete Magento 2 projec

30 000 руб. за проект
11 июня 2020, 16:24 • 5 откликов • 32 просмотра
About us: We work over 10 years we work in the eCommerce world selling products to customers mainly with Magento platforms. We have a lot of experience on Upwork and freelancer work. What we're looking for: An experienced full stack developer to develop our new M2 project from server setup to fully operational ecommerce website. We need someone to work on project. The project is based on Magento 2 as said earlier with 2 store fronts (EN and IT). We need the following deliverables: Part 1: Setup server Install Firewall DNS setup Setup anti-virus scanner Optimize server for Magento 2 including Reddit or Varnish Configure memcached Part 2: Install Magento 2 and latest version of the M2 theme Install latest version of M2 (including latest security updates) compatible with the theme Optimize M2 backoffice (merge Javascipt, CSS files, etc etc) including optimization according to theme suggestions SSL-connection (front- and back office) Customized backoffice URL Automatic back-up saved (backup a: 1 auto-backup per week, saved up to 6 weeks and than cancelled, backup b: 1 backup per month and saved on server for longer period) Save project in GIT hub The store should be available in two languages: EN and IT Products always visible on front-end. Purchase option only is showing after clicking on shopping basket near product. Install module Mageworx auto complete search bar Install payment provider module Stripe and PayPal Customize 'Thank you page' Install module HelloBrave cookie compliance Install separate development / test website (DEV) for testing and backup (NOT findable for Google) Install re-directs Store Finder module should be installed and made available on Home page and navigation menu Part 3: Small customizations and import database from other M2 store Import product database from an other M2 store (complete in two languages, EAN codes, Meta settings and attributes) Theme needs maybe little adjustments and change in colour (theme colours: mainly black and white) Note: You will have FTP and root SSH access to the server. Work with project in GIT hub is requested. Serious change for returning work: After completing the job successfully we'll offer other work for upgrades and maintenance on the website when needed. To complete all the deliverables, the right developer will have experience in the following: - Server setup experience (extended including cashing settings) - Magento 2 extended experience including installing and optimazing store