Facebook заблокировал домен

Цена договорная
29 июня 2020, 13:39 • 2 отклика • 44 просмотра
Facebook заблокировал мой домен yodo.im. Я не могу использовать ссылки на сайт в Facebook. Техподдержка отвечает что сайт не отвечает Community standart. Кто может помочь с разблокировкой или хотя бы понять что им не понравилось.

Hi Mikhail,
Good Morning!
Thank you for contacting Facebook Concierge Support. My name is Jena and we chatted previously regarding your issue about your website being blocked.
I would like to let you know that our Internal Team has reviewed your website and determined that the restriction has been correctly placed on your website. Upon review, we have determined that the URL needs to remain blocked.
We use a variety of systems to help detect and block abuse in Facebook. The website was blocked because it breached our Community Standards. We regret to inform you that we will not be lifting the block. Please follow our Community Standards (https://www.facebook.com/communitystandards/introduction) and other guidelines for advertisers and developers to ensure your content can be correctly shared in our platforms.
I understand that you did not necessarily get what you were after, but I am really glad that we could at least get some clarity on the matter.
We will proceed to close this ticket now. Thanks for your tremendous understanding and patience while we are in the midst of checking on your concern. You may receive a quick automated survey and it will be evaluated based on the service provided by the related agent only. I hope that I was able to address your concerns correctly here and during our chat conversation.
For any other issues, please feel free to initiate a chat support session at the following link: facebook.com/business/help
Thank you for your time and we wish you and your business well!
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