Laravel full stack development of a freelance board for healthcare

300 000 руб. за проект
11 июля 2020, 03:58 • 16 откликов • 127 просмотров
Looking for a professional 3+ years Laravel full-stack developer that can quickly prototype applications. We need to finish building a freelance board, the project is 50% done. Specifications/docs/explanations are available.

Will include:
* Standard auth stuff/Profile
* Jobs/Shifts/Offers
* Client/Freelancer's Dashboard
* Invoicing
* Admin Panel
* Notification Management (Email, SMS)
* Multi-Language Support/Translator's Dashboard

For me to know you're not a bot, in your response include an answer to this question:

- What are the characteristics of any platform you've built/helped build in Laravel (number of users, features, complexity etc.)

And specify your rate per hour

Please answer only if you speak good English.