Automation - Copy from .txt file to specific website

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Website contain google reCaptcha and need to add proxies support
You have a text file that has a username / password pair. You need to follow the link, enter your login / password, then:

1. If authorization is successful, press the unlock button. If the account is unlocked - press the button - logout. At the same time, add this pair to the succes.txt file.
2. If authorization has failed, put the given pair in the auth-blocked.txt file.
3. If authorization is successful, and the account is blocked, press the unlock button. If the account is not unlocked - put this pair in the blocked.txt file.

Must have proven experience that can make the task quickly and efficiently
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Developer is very good and very supportive, completion of project as requested. I will use him in future
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Сlear terms of reference. Always in touch. Payment on time. Recommend !!!

I hope we will continue to cooperate !

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