Тестирование функционала guest app

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02 сентября 2020, 00:31 • 6 откликов • 62 просмотра
We're working on a system that allows to order food without waiters' help inside the restaurant.
Arman is working on the back-office system now and we want you to work on guests' app.
Back-office and guests’ app are two separate applications that use the same db.

How does it work:
Each restaurant set up room plan something like this:

Each table has it’s QR code.
And when guest enter restaurant he should scan QR code(with his camera).
QR code has link to the guest’s app with restaurant id and table id.

The scope of work:
  1. Create initial screen that should be displayed when user scans QR code.(In languages list should be only EN and PL for now). For localization react-localization should be used.

If after QR code scan everything is fine, Welcome text should be displayed.
If something went wrong, Error message should be displayed.
Header: “Something went wrong”
Text: “Sorry, something went wrong during QR code scanning. Please, ask waiter or manager of the restaurant.”
For Polish version just put english text in google translate for now:)
  1. AWS lambda should be created for QR code scanning.
It should receive rest id and table id, check table status and if it’s free, allow to take it and change it’s status.
We have dynamodb with rooms and tables but tables don’t have statuses right now. Statuses should be added to tables in GraphQL model in the scope of first sprint too.
If table is busy or disabled, lamda should return error(and error message should be displayed)
  1. We don’t have any way to reset tables statuses right now. So, lambda should be created for testing purposes. It should receive restaurant id and table id as input and reset table status to free.
Table id param is optional. If lambda receive only restaurant id, it should reset all tables of this restaurant.