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40 000 руб. за проект
09 сентября 2020, 15:42 • 5 откликов • 38 просмотров
В поиске лида который засетапит дб, продумает архитектуру и апи, если есть желание то будет кодить. Betting проэкт
Leaderboard - show top pot balance and select leaders each month/week(configurable)
Pot balance -> it`s your profit balance(last page of pdf)
Matches -> parse from , even indians did it, filter by market, league. Show online score and who scored (update can be once in a minute)
Odds -> calculate from the same api, there is %
Levels -> each user starts with beginner level. Few levels (number of bets + quizz pass needed to finish)
Quizzes -> questions to move to next level. Must be editable from admin
Challenges -> same as quizzes but giving bonuses( virtual $ or discount)
User settings, history of bets -> show history of bet
Subscriptions -> give access to few leagues less. Provide reset (reset the balance)
Notifications -> Being able to send the user virtual $ and message with text + image. + notifications about matches results.
News / Education - cms that allows adding some resources ( text, images, videos) and some basic formatting.
Trending Matches, other admin panel configurations -> configuring matches shown on the main page, other in design of backend admin folder