Написать Java(Oracle) программу с использованием базы данных mysql

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Написать код Java

Создать простой интерфейс

Связать с базой данных mysql


1- Implement a Database with a minimum of 4 tables: draw the ER diagram of all tables and show the

relationship (primary key, foreign key, one to one or one to many links);

2- Write Java program that implements a GUI;

3- Your Java program should have some basic functionalities such as reading all the records from a

table in the DB, insert a new record to the table, delete a record, and clear the GUI screen.

4- The program should have at least 4 buttons that upon clicking would accomplish the tasks in

number 3 above.

5- Test your application in one single machine (local)

Database Cases

AJ car rental company uses a reservation database to store current as well as historical records on the business. Information on all customers are captured and used as point of reference in renting any car. Every time when a customer rent a car, the rental transaction is being captured to reflect the business activities. Information on individual car used in the business is also captured so that management can have clear historical records on when a car is being rented out. The system also captures car maintenance information with special emphasis on which mechanics service or repair the quad-bike.

Sample Business Rules:

1. Car Rental:

1. Customer on blacklist will not be allowed to rent any vehicle

2. Vehicle assign for rental is subject to available within the same class.

3. Regular customer with pre-booking request are entitled to an upgrade vehicle class should the vehicle within the same class is not available.

4. Should the customer records show previous rental exceeding 5 times in a year, customer will be charged 10% additional for the free upgrade. Any customer exceeding 10 times in a year will be free