Hаписать мини программу на java

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09 апреля 2021, 13:19 • 12 откликов • 84 просмотра
работать с SpringBoot + Н2

Develop the SpringBoot RESTfull application according the task and variant.

  1. The application should run from the InteliJ IDE and return the response to the GET request: http://localhost:8010/info (you could use any available port)
    The information to be returned:
    Name and Surname of the student – author of the application

    The group number Task variant
    Exam date.
  2. The application should work with the H2 in-memory database and return the response with the list of all objects in the database on the GET request http://localhost:8010/getAll . All objects should persist in the database according to the variant.
  3. Application should return the information of the concrete object when the application is called with GET request http://localhost:8010/get?id={id} where {id} is the object number in the database.
  4. Application should return the total price of all objects in the database when GET request is sent to http://localhost:8010/totalprice