Residential proxy API implementation into existing website/dashboard

30 000 руб. за проект
09 апреля 2021, 19:41 • 2 отклика • 45 просмотров
Looking to hire a web developer that can implement a residential proxy API into our already existing website/dashboard. Needs include both backend and frontend work.

Skill Requirements:

- Python/Flask


- MongoDB

- Heroku

- Git

The backend is entirely in Python language using the Flask web framework. The frontend is in vanilla HTML/CSS/JS. Database is managed via Mongo Atlas. Code is managed inside of a Github repository and CI/CD is automatically managed through Heroku. All commits to the master branch are automatically pushed to the live site. "Review apps" via Heroku are automatically created for each pull request.
Please reach out with your time frame, and price! Thanks!
Price is negotiable (договорная)