Создать API на два эндпоинта на Java

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Создать API на два эндпоинта.

  • Build and deploy an email address generator REST API that has two endpoints:
- One endpoint to send a file containing a list of names
- One endpoint to retrieve an output containing all names ordered alphabetically with the concatenation of @revevol.it for each one of them
- Create a way differentiate all duplicated names/emails

  • All transactions/calls to the API must traced/logged somehow and we should be able to access these traces/logs and make sense out of them
  • Choose the type of instance you want to deploy the API on but make it accessible to the worldwide web so we can test it remotely
  • Provide basic monitoring capabilities would be a plus
Нам нужно:
- Открытый доступ к конечным точкам, чтобы мы могли тестировать их удаленно
- Доступ к хранилищам