Работа с Java+desktop

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15 сентября 2021, 18:55 • 1 отклик • 46 просмотров
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Необходимо участвовать в создании Healthcare проекта.

Проект - Healthcare - Client seeks the best medical care for everyone. For that, they are creating practice management software that establishes structured data to enable automated discoveries, treatment plans, and invoicing to assist the doctor with the newest and modern medical insights.

Domain-driven design / Self-contained services / Microfrontends
Continuous deployment
Operations / Production stability
Production relevant monitoring & logging
Difference between deployment and releases
Risk mitigation in production e.g. Feature flags
Nonfunctional requirements
Automated testing (Unit, Integration, UI tests)
Testing on test environments vs testing in production
Serverless application & infrastructure with focus for automatically horizontally

Core-technologies - React, Java (Quarkus), PostgreSQL

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