Перевести чеклист с Google Forms на Airtable, добавить фичи

Цена договорная
08 декабря 2021, 05:52 • 1 отклик • 20 просмотров
Для этой работы не требуется разговорный английский, письменного достаточно.

We pay $20+ USD per hour via PayPal or wire transfer.

= Job =

We are a short term vacation rental management company based in the Washington State of the USA.

We need help optimizing our cleaning checklist: https://forms.gle/a8ygEVxcGrQgEkDS7.

The checklist is used by several people:

  1. By the cleaners who print it out and use it as a reference.
  2. By an inspector who fills the checklist on a phone and submits results to the manager.
  3. By the manager who reviews the submitted results in order to:
    1. Provide the cleaners and the inspector with feedback.
    2. Update the checklist to make it easier to use.
    3. Calculate the % of items done right for an internal dashboard.


  1. The printed version of the checklist is messy, hard to use.
  2. Calculating the % by hand takes time.


  1. The checklist to be reorganized as an Airtable base so that it is still easy to edit.
  2. A view for a legible, clean printed version (a designer is working on the layout).
  3. An automatically generated form for the inspector.
  4. A script that automatically calculates the % for every submission.

Please begin your response with your desired hourly rate in USD and a rough estimate on how many hours such a job might take.

= About Us =

Columbia Creek is a group of companies with the goal of making construction two times cheaper compared to what it costs today by using mass production methods.

The group is comprised of three companies:

  1. Columbia Creek Development (CC Dev)
  2. Columbia Creek Manufacturing and Construction (CC MC)
  3. Columbia Creek Property Management (CC PM)

CC Dev procures and develops land, CC MC produces high end vacation homes and puts them on land owned by CC Development, CC PM rents the homes out short term.

Our goal is to build thousands then tens of thousands homes per year. However we are in the early stages of the company’s inception, as we have only built one test unit thus far, and are working on 23 more.

We are based in Bellevue, WA and our manufacturing facility is located in Snohomish, WA. As we work to ramp up production, all of our units go to Packwood, WA.