Написать статью на английском для medium (React, Next.js)

10 000 руб. за проект
01 июня 2022, 17:29 • 3 отклика • 67 просмотров
I need to promote a service https://boundless-commerce.com/ It provides a headless backend + ready to use starters kits: https://boundless-commerce.com/themes

In the article, you should show how to create a store with our service and a starter kit. You should:
- register at https://boundless-commerce.com
- clone one of the given themes (https://boundless-commerce.com/themes)
- put own credentials
- Put some own content in the source code, e.g. logo, custom pages.
- Add your own product in the admin
- Deploy to the Netlify.
Add screens, maybe funny GIFs. The article should sell the idea, that it is easy and quick to make a store with Boundless and ready-to-use starters kit.

A good example of a similar article is https://snipcart.com/blog/next-js-ecommerce-tutorial-example - you can copy and rewrite the intro (what is next.js, why next.js is a good fit for e-commerce, etc).

Possible titles:
The title should contain: "Next.js e-commerce", something like: "How to create Next.js E-commerce website in 2022", "The easiest way to create Next.js E-commerce website" etc.

You should:
- have experience with Next.js and React
- be a native English speaker
- be a good writer

We are going to publish many articles on the related topics, so it could be a long-term collaboration.

The budget is disscussable.

Have a nice bidding :)