Разработать AI монстров для мобильной игры на GODOT

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20 сентября 2022, 21:00 • 6 откликов • 72 просмотра
Для разработки механик поведения ИИ для мобильной игры IOS/Android требуется программист, знающий или работающий на игровом движке GODOT.
Будет плюсом вдохновение от opensource формата.
Будет плюсом знание и использование linux как основной ОС.
Примеры механик и особенности монстров описаны ниже:

*большая просьба в отклике указать стоимость работы

1) Flying enemy
Moves through the air at medium speed. Drops bombs on plants.
Small health points reserve.
Can not be killed with a spray gun. Sensitive only to point-shot.

2) Underground enemy
Moves underground at high speed. Leaves a trail of digged up earth on the terrain.
Attacks plants with a certain depth of roots.
Resistant to any type of weapon while underground.
To lure it out, you must plant a grass that will force it to come out.
(A planted grass will be destroyed after 2 attacks.)

3) Tank enemy
Very slow. Has a large amount of health points. Requires a large amount of fertility to kill.
Resistant to wind turbine, wind can only slow it down even more.After death it destroys N amount of land, leaves a crater, which will not allow to grow plants on the damaged area for some time.

4) Quick enemy
Bacteria that move in groups of several individuals at medium speed. In contact with a plant, it infects the plant with disease. An infected plant can transmit the disease to other plants. To kill the bacteria, it is necessary to attack the plant with fertilizer. Once the plant is destroyed, the area of land will not be available for new planting for some time.
Invisible. To spot them approaching, you must use the zoom.
Could be spotted by a patrol car.