SSTP Client for iOS

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SSTP Client for iOS
Language: Swift
iOS version: 14+
System of source control: Git

Application description
Login field - text edit
Password field - text edit
Server address field - text edit
Port - text edit
TLS Server trust evaluation - switch
IP version: ipv4/ipv6/auto selector
MTU - text edit
Autoreconnect - switch
Connection active while sleep - switch
Connect - button
Status - text label
Application should have possibility to fill UI and connect to VPN server over SSTP protocol
Application should have possibility to disconnect to the server
Application should have possibility to change the server address while connection is established and reconnect to the new server
Connection should be established with login and password, taking in account all configurations that are listed in UI part
Connection status should be automatically updated in the field Status
Application should have possibility to stay connected in sleep mode
Rules of implementation
Application should be implemented on Swift for iOS 14+ and iPadOS 14+
Application should be compatible with Apple Store
All logic regarding connection should be implemented separated from UI and should be provided as independent module(UI should act just an example of usage)

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