Послушать и оценить разговор продавца

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25 октября 2023, 14:10 • 3 отклика • 23 просмотра
For this assignment you need to listen to audio conversations between customers and salespeople, 6 recordings in total. Your task is to evaluate the phrases, ideas and meanings that the salesperson says during the conversation and evaluate them from the point of view of whether they work or not. The result of your work should be a table, where the first column is a specific phrase, question, idea or meaning that the salesperson spoke, the second column is the status of "worked" or "did not work", that is, led to a positive or negative reaction of the client, the third column is a score on a 10-point scale.

Audio files will be provided in an archive.
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Задача выполнена вовремя и качественно.
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Заказчик был на связи, четкое тз, сразу после выполнения оплатил задание, рекомендую!
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