Интеграция платежки в сайт

15 000 руб. за проект
05 декабря 2023, 13:42 • 9 откликов • 98 просмотров
Good day,

I have next information:


Document address:

xxxxxxx.xxxxxxx.com (screenshot attached)

Password: xxxxxxx


this is access to payment gateway

Task: need connect this gateway to any of web interface with option to make payments with cards.

It can be webpage with donations, charity, purchase any of goods or services, whatever you want.

Just amount of order/payment on website should be adjustable: means Payer must have choice with amounts of payment, or set any of amount as Payer want to pay on our website.

We need any instant websites - means we no need create new website from scratch, we can use already existed sites/templates/scripts. Its should be just uploaded to hosting and then connected payment gateway. That's all

Waiting for your response!

P.S. we can provide repeated orders with same segment of scope of works.