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    PHP-разработчик, опыт разработки сайтов на wordpress, prestashop различного уровня сложности, множество разработанных web-приложений под facebook.Некоторые из них:- http://www.planetofhotels.com/ - Drupal - http://madameaparis.com/ - PrestaShop - http://sayitloud.eu/ - WP small web mobile app - http://yoga-et-vedas.com/ - WP + less + bootstrap - http://toutelaculture.com/ - WP - https://www.facebook.com/weleda.france/app_171751133024653 - Facebook promo app -...

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    Глеб Богданов
    Системный администратор
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    Сборка, установка и настройка серверов на базе ОС: Unix /FreeBSD7.x-8.x./ (bind9, pf, apache22, nginx, mysql, php, proftpd, squid, openvpn, devecot, postfix, samba) Linux /MandrivaServerEnterprise5.2, CentOS6, UbuntuServer11/ (apache22, nginx, mysql, php, vsftpd, squid, iptables, openvpn, devecot, postfix, samba, backuppc, openfire) Windows / WinServer 2003 R2, WinServer 2008 R2/ (RAID 1, 0, 5, 10; DNS, DHCP, AD + GroupPolicy, файловый сервер, терминальный...

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    Андрей Сергеев
    Дизайн полиграфии и сайтов
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    Для полиграфии использую:Программы пакета Adobe: - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesignА также Autodesc 3dsmax + Illustrate PluginДля кодинга:PHP 5.3, MySQL + SQLite, JQuery Apache, eAccelerator, memcached, Axon ORMGoogle Maps API, Google Calendar API, Yandex Money API, Vimeo APIЛюбимые фреймворки и CMS:FatFreeFramework (in Top 10 Lightweight) CMS GetSimple, Joomla CMS, Wordpress CMSЛюбимые CSS Frameworks:Twitter Bootstrap, 960gs, Google Plus UI И помогают мне в работе:Adminer (for DB) PHPStorm от...

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    Oleg Andrianov
    Дизайнер интерфейсов
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    I am a graphic, icons and interface designer, from Russia, Moscow. I'm always open for interesting projects, so if you have something, just let me know.

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    Dmitriy Ten
    CG artist
    цена договорная

    My name is Dmitriy. For now, I live andwork in Tajikistan. This fiel of activity is most interesting for me, and I want to be busy with it for the rest.

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    Надежда Недеждинская
    перевод анг-рус, рус-анг
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    I have impeccable language skills (Russian and English), including excellent grammar and sense of style (business and general) in both languages. I 've been learning German in my University too. I can translate from English into Russian and from Russian into English;  I have willingness to learn, positive attitude, ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines, detail-oriented, hard-working, organized, also i have communication skills, presentable appearance and Uni degree in...

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    Gleb Tsyrulnikov
    Senior Web Developer
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    Hi, I'm Gabe. Well everybody calls me like this, don't even know why. :) About me: I'm a web developer with more than 3 years of experience. I was lucky to develop the new version of webtheory — the most popular website for learning HTML5, CSS3, Design and so on in Russia. I also wrote several articles about the Ruby language on the website. As a project of webtheory, I created a back-end structure of the game called Hackable, which we tried to develop in a hackathon mode. Currently I work...