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    Ринат Габдуллин
    Fullstack iOS developer
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    I have over 5 years of software development experience, and for 3 years I have been fully focusing on iOS platform. My aim is to create great applications that meet all clients' requirements. Feel free to text me with any questions. I'm a fullstack developer: - Mockups. I can help you to think over and bring your ideas into interactive prototype. - UI/UX design. I can provide the best UI solutions according to your aims and can explain why it is so. - Software architecture and...

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    Dennie Ordik
    Дизайнер полиграфии
    от 1 000 руб. за час

    I have over 6 years of experience in print and graphic design and have placed in the Top 10% for Adobe Photoshop & Web Design, TOP 20% for Computer Graphics and Top 30% for Adobe Illustrator on the skills test here on Elance. I always strive for 100% satisfaction from my clients and will make as many revisions as are necessary to achieve that goal. I use exclusively Adobe® Creative Suite® 6 Design Premium, so you will get from me only a quality product! Thank you for...

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    Wake up technology
    Мобильные приложения, сайты
    от 60 000 руб. за месяц

    Wake Up Technology - одна из наиболее динамично развивающихся компаний в области мобильных и интернет-разработок. В прошлом Wake Up Technology - это сообщество молодых и инициативных людей, которые что-то смыслят в сфере IT. Сегодня - это команда профессионалов своего дела, за плечами которых множество успешных проектов. В настоящее время основными направлениями компании являются: 1. Разработка мобильных приложений (iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch; Android: Samsung, HTC и т.д. Windows...

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    Михаил Кирпа
    Тестировщик ПО/WEB
    цена договорная

    Testing Specialist development team Syncopate LLC (www.syncopateglobal.com) сентябрь 2012 г. – настоящее время (7 месяцев)Ukraine, Zaporozhie• Web – application and Windows – application testing. Testing Specialist/technical support “GOAL Ltd” (www.kpi-drive.ru) июнь 2012 г. – сентябрь 2012 г. (4 месяца)Ukraine, Zaporozhie• manual testing; • technical consulting clients. Information Security Specialist Raiffeisen Bank Aval 2004 – 2011 (7 лет)Ukraine,...

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    Maxim Tkach
    Software Engineer
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    I'm Software Engineer (PHP & GO) with a lot of experience. My personality type the logician (INTP-A) and I'm business oriented programmer. I like PHP7, NoSQL Databases, ZMQ, Docker and create asynchronous applications. I know how work WebSocket, and I wrote RFC6455 library on PHP. My best project it is poker (fully written in PHP7 on server side). On server side I used Reactphp, ZMQ, Redis, Pthreads. The server part uses a docker, and the all is divided into 8 containers (6 services and 2...

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    Artemiy Lysykh
    Java Software Engineer
    цена договорная

    7 and a half years in professional Java-development of multi-tier server-side applications as a part of platforms for leading mobile operators in Russia and Europe. Extensive experience in all facets of software development lifecycle, starting by analyzing requirements, designing architecture and finishing with delivering, integrating and maintaining the enterprise software solutions that comply with requirements of high reliability into customers’ network...

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    Dmitry Gordienko
    web developer
    от 450 руб. за час

    Professional Web Application Developer in a wide variety of web applications. Always interested in job opportunities, interesting projects, as well as close interaction with any web-related areas. Particularly interested in building large web 2.0 community portals.

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    Юрий Несмиян
    Joomla, дизайн, верстка, Java
    от 640 руб. за час

    Java: Experience: 5 years Areas: J2SE (Java 1.4–1.6), J2EE, Servlets/JSP, EJB, JSF, JDBC Developed web-based applications and took part in challenging heavy-duty server-side development, proficient with modern development techniques, such as test-driven development, agile, pair programming and others. Frameworks/Tools: Seam, myFaces, Spring, Hibernate, JPA, JTA, Apache commons, Ant, Maven, JUnit, Unitils, JBoss, TomCat, Eclipse, IDEA, Antlr, Google App Engine, Apache CXF, Jboss...

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    Анастасия Цимбаревия
    Копирайт, рерайт, перевод
    от 20 руб. за тысячу знаков

    I’m writing my own book in the English language. Therefore I decided to earn extra money doing copywrite and rewrite both in English and in Russian as well as doing translations. Me – I read English-language fiction with the purpose of keeping up my professional level. Me – I constantly work with the correspondence, interpretations, including epistolary genre,  scientific and methodical editions, in particular medical editions (cranio-facial surgery: embryology of...

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    от 1 300 руб. за час

    Hi ! My name is Vitaly. I work as Java Senior and Software Architect. Here is my common stack of technologies: Main Programming Languages: Java 14 Favourite IDE: Eclipse Favourite Operation System: Calculate Linux (KDE Plasma) AppServer: WildFly 18 Databases: PostgreSQL, Neo4J, Infinispan Http Server: NGINX Identity Security Server: Keycloak Building tools: Maven, Ant, Bash Testing frameworks: Arquillian, TestNG, JMeter Version control system: Git, Svn, Mercurial Web Server Side:...

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    Алсу Алиуллина
    от 200 руб. за час

    Выпускница КФУ с лингвистическим образованием. Владею в совершенстве английским и арабским языками. Готова к сотрудничеству.

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    Назарий Шеремет
    Ruby on Rails developer
    от 1 400 руб. за час

    Hi, my name is Nazar. In my portfolio, are a few of the projects that I've developed. I believe my strong points are my Creativeness and Punctuality. My #1 goal will always be to meet your needs and deadline. When working on a project, I like to speak with the client, so that I can have a clear understanding of his/her needs and vision of the project. Since 2014, I'am programmer in Investment platform for companies and investors. Developing Frontend (CoffeeScript, JS, Sass, Bootstrap) and...

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    от 450 руб. за час

    Programmer with solid background in development of accounting, financial and banking applications, object-oriented programming, relational data base design, data base performance tuning, 4 years experience of .NET, ASP.NET MVC development and MS SQL server experience. Excellent English communication skills, experience of effective communication with foreign and local customers.

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    Vitaly Todorovych
    iOS Developer
    цена договорная

    Summary of Qualifications: I have 3 years of professional experience in iOS application development, half a year with C++ development. I have implemented more then 10 iOS projects of various sizes, full application design from scratch, working on requirements analysis and specifications, issues detection, analysis and resolving, coding, testing, performance, code improvement and maintenance. I have experience in working with version control and...

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    Александр Мисуно
    геймдизайнер разработчик
    от 70 000 руб. за месяц

    Привет! Меня зовут Александр Мисуно. Я работаю в гейм-деве уже более 5 лет и большую часть из них я занимаюсь гейм-дизайном и продюсированием. Я ищу сотрудничества в разработке новых игр. Вы не обойдетесь без моих услуг, если вам нужен гейм-дизайн, продюсирование или менеджмент ваших игровых проектов, или если вы ищите новые интересные идеи, в разработку которых вы могли бы инвестировать. Начался мой профессиональный путь в минской фирме Steel Monkeys, в которой я работал над легендарным (в...

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    Oleg Mitrofanov
    C\C++ Software Engineer
    от 578 руб. за час

    Experienced Software Developer with +5 years experience in different projects. Starting from large cluster systems, to embedded devices powered by Linux.Done a lot of system level programming and kernel space programming. As for desktop apps, my choice is Qt. Fast learner and very passionate to my work. Main fields: *NIX, c, c++, embedded, network programming.

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    Денис Хорушко
    Project Management, JIRA Admin
    от 75 000 руб. за месяц

    3 years of PM experienceRetained development team: up to 10 people Projects Pool: up to 8 small/mid-size corporate web-applications Clients Pool: up to 3 stakeholders Full-cycle process: roadmap, specification, planning, kick-off, monitoring, reporting, go LIVE, support, change requests Additional duties: ·         JIRA & Confluence Administration - settings, workflows, users management ·         Team Hard/Soft environment arrangement Team events/finance management...

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    Kreida group
    mobile, web applications
    от 500 руб. за час

      Kreida is a software development company that is specialized in mobile, web applications and presentation materials development for smartphones and tablets based on Windows 8 and Android operating systems.Kreida Group provides custom software development services such as:   -  customized software development for mobiles ;   -  design and web-design of mobile applications;   -  cloud computing (the development of cloud based business applications);   -  creation of the websites and Internet...

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    от 2 000 руб. за час

    Hey! I am an iOS developer from Minsk, Belarus (East Europe) with 5+ years of experience. I also have some experience in UX research, design and project management. My area of innovation — quality. This is also a core value of my work. I like speaking with my clients, understanding their ideas/visions and helping them to bring ideas to life. Summary: — 5+ years of iOS development — Expert in a full cycle of mobile development from scratch to the App Store — Strong skills in Objective-C/Swift —...