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    Денис Бондарчук
    JS/TS/React/Next, PHP/WP
    от 200 000 руб. за месяц

    I’m a self-motivated and experienced front-end and WordPress developer. I have several years of experience in HTML(5), CSS(3), Sass, jQuery, Javascript, React, GitHub. I'm renowned for fast coding, accuracy and attention to detail as well as awesome interpersonal skills and relaxed temperament. Detail-oriented WordPress Developer with extensive experience with WordPress themes, plugins and widgets. Well versed in many other programming languages. Deliver well-made projects on time. I have...

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    Игорь Павлов
    верстка & frontend & wordpress
    цена договорная

    Я увлеченный и целеустремленный веб-разработчик с коммерческим опытом более 6 лет, использующий свои навыки и опыт для создания привлекательных и привлекательных веб-сайтов с помощью WordPress. Я также специализируюсь на HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, GitHub. Я известен своим быстрым программированием, точностью и вниманием к деталям, а также потрясающими навыками межличностного общения и спокойным темпераментом. _____________________________________________ I'm an enthusiastic and...

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    Кирилл Гузенко
    Копирайтер, рерайтер
    от 60 руб. за тысячу знаков

    Rewrote articles, blog posts, and other content to improve clarity, flow, and readability Ensured that all content was grammatically correct, properly structured, and adhered to the company's style guide Collaborated with writers, editors, and content managers to meet deadlines and deliver high-quality content Conducted research and fact-checking to ensure accuracy and credibility of content

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    Tony Han
    web development
    от 2 000 руб. за час

    Passionate and skilled Full Stack developer offering 8 years of relevant experience and a proven track record of success in achieving extraordinary results. With a strong attention to detail and accuracy and the important ability to function well in a team setting, I am looking for a full stack development job within a forward-moving company. * Software engineer possessing Comprehensive 8 years of experience as IT Professional * Proven track record of success in achieving extraordinary...

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    Софья Балдина
    UX/UI, web, graphic design
    от 1 000 руб. за час

    Меня зовут Софья, я дизайнер сайтов, а также художник-иллюстратор. Программы: Figma, Sketch, пакет Adobe. То, как рисую: instagram.com/cjelckdo То, как дизайню: behance.net/ccjel Люблю творческие, независимые проекты, но готова делать разное и многое. Фул-тайм, подработка, разовый проект.

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    Анастасия Малявская
    от 500 руб. за час

    Education 2015-2019 Sochi State University, Business Informatics. Disciplines: Advanced mathematics, content and information services management, databases, programming, data analysis, information security, objective-oriented analysis and programming, software standardization and certification, neural networks. Job experience Apr 2020 – June 2020 - contractor iOS QA Engineer at PlayCanvas Ltd. (subsidiary of Snap Inc.) Dec2019 – Apr 2020 -...

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    Misha Beliy
    Machine Learning
    цена договорная

    I have started Startup, finished Yep! Starter and winner of the regional coding competitions. Startup allows users to index their youtube-podcasts in Spotify, Google and Apple Podcasts. Participated in AI Hackathon where I was a training model to classification tweets on 13 classes. Trained some models, but the best accuracy turns out the Convolutional Neural Network. It isn't obvious, but exciting. Some time ago I participated in programming (algorithm) contests. Third place in...

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    от 1 500 руб. за час

    Full-Stack engineer with 5 years of proven experience. Architected from scratch 3 front-end projects. Working with React world for 3 years and know all its good and all vulnerable parties. With my current background for me is easy to set-up with new technology, framework or programming language. University background as software engineer helping me a lot when I am working with different complexity algorithms, patterns or designing SQL tables. Big lover of automating monotone processes, CI/CD...

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    Павел Тисунов
    Разработка iOS приложений
    от 300 000 руб. за месяц

    I do iOS app development using Objective-C, Swift. Web app development using Ruby on Rails, Node.js, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, React Native. Over 17 years’ experience in software development, 5 years as a full stack web developer and 4 as an iOS Software Engineer. Languages: Objective-C (expert), Swift (competent), Ruby (proficient), C++ (proficient), JavaScript (competent), Python (competent) EXPERIENCE Groser, Moscow, Russia ...

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    Илья К
    Сайты под ключ
    от 1 300 руб. за час

    I am a WordPress Developer with 7+ years experience in creating Web Applications, eCommerce, Corporate and Personal Websites from ground-up. I use the following technologies/platforms/programming languages: - PHP, SASS (SCSS, CSS), JavaScript, jQuery for building frontend and backend - Bourbon Framework, Neat and Bitters libraries for speeding up frontend development and ensuring accuracy on Safari, IE, Chrome & Firefox. - Gulp for building ready-to-go CSS, JS and PHP - WordPress...

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    Даниил Жешков
    цена договорная

    Daniel Jeshkov 191186, Russia, Saint-Petersubrg, Millionnaya str. 17-37 Email: d.jeshkov@gmail.com Tel: +7-981-151-78-60 skype: dfw0000 Systems/Network Administrator, Software Designer/Engineer with extensive real-world experience. Over 12 years of advanced multiplatform system administration and programming experience, specializing in Networking, Security, Distributed Systems, Databases, Automation, High Availability and many others. Always ready to work for 16-17 hours a day with...