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    Serious Web
    Веб Разработка
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    Hello everyone! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Serious Web is a web development company founded in 2017. We are young, motivated and highly-skilled team of web developers specialized in developing websites and various web-oriented apps. Our priority is doing our job well so that both clients and we are satisfied with the results of our collaboration. We focus on whole Web development processes for both small businesses and large companies worldwide. Our company provides a full range of IT services across the...

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    Андрей К
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    Качество превыше всего! Специализация и профессиональные навыки: Языки программирования: Delphi, C++, C# (Asp.NET, VSeWSS, AJAX), php, Ruby (Ruby on Rails), JavaScript(TypeScript), Java, Python (Flask), Go Case-средства: ERwin, BPwin Web-программирование: HTML, CSS (SCSS) Web-frameworks: jQuery, AngularJS(ionic, cordova)/Angular, ReactJs, Underscore, Twig, MeteorJS Структурные языки: SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, MDX, AQL Базы данных: Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, InterBase/Firebird,...

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    Анна Храповицкая
    Junior Тестировщик ПО
    цена договорная

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1taj2JbwJWTEendMzi90pLNAI-cpzfQJlVorid0bXZ5o/edit?usp=sharing https://quality-lab.ru/school-center/certificate.php?id=23169

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    Ulyana Gatsoeva
    Фронтенд, тестирование
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    Frontend DeveloperПолный рабочий деньДаты начала и окончания работыдек. 2020 г. – настоящее времяПродолжительность трудоустройства 9 мес.Quality Assurance TesterПолный рабочий деньДаты начала и окончания работы март 2020 г. – дек. 2020 г.Продолжительность трудоустройства 10 мес.

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    Polina Kandaurova
    Web design, UI / UX DESIGN
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    My name is Kandaurova Polina. I specialize in UI/UX design, website design, design of landing page, online store,corporate, news design, and graphic design. In my work I appreciate the wishes of the customer, so that any assignment is in detail coordinated and I advise on correcting the customer. In addition, I am a very punctual person and strictly relate to deadlines, so that you can don' t worry about the timeliness and quality of your project. Main skills in design: - ui/ux design - digital...

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    Rustem Sharipov
    Разработка под ключ
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    Наша кампания занималась разработкой приложений сфере: Органайзер (календарь, заметки, ежедневник);Поиск мероприятий с применением нейронных сетей;Тренировок;И многое другое.Среди сфер нам интересны Health tech, Ed tech, Fin tech, IoT, SaaS.

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    Леонид Замрий
    SEO, таргет, ASO
    от 15 000 руб. за проект

    SEO Full SEO sites optimization (keywords optimization included);SEO copywriting services for website landing pages;SEO audit services and technical site correction;Improving site pages visibility in search results;Semantic core development and clustering. SOCIAL NETWORKS Targeted social media ads;Promotion of pages on Facebook;Youtube channel promotion;Social media remarketing.ASO Advanced App Store Optimization for Google Play and Apple Store;Improving User Engagement &...

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    Kristina Petrova
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    https://hamsterart.biz/ I am HTML Specialist with 6 years of experience. I create beautiful, creative, pixel perfect, cross browser, platform independent and responsive websites with the utmost consideration to the User Experience. Skills: * HTML (W3C compliance, semantic) * CSS3 (SASS, Animation) * Javascript / Jquery * UX/UI Design * Responsive Web Design (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, Large Desktop) * Font development * Testing (Cross-Browser, Cross-Device) I'd be glad to discuss...

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    Денис Косолапов
    Программный инженер Python
    от 2 000 руб. за час

    Artificial Intelligence Programming Engineer I am developing automated machine learning (AML) systems. Evolutionary self-learning algorithms. Automatic data collection for training and improving the quality of neural networks. Convolutional neural networks (CNN), for example for image recognition and streaming video. Recurrent neural (RNN), for example for voice recognition. When developing, I use various constructions: neural network + evolutionary...

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    Илья Пащук
    Top Rated | Expert Web Developer
    от 100 000 руб. за час

    Hi , I am a smart-hard-working web developer from the Ukraine, My over 8 years of experience is focused on developing high quality and responsive interfaces, regardless of framework or technology. I working with HTML, CSS, JS/TS, jQuery, Angular, Vue, and Figma extensively, more info here {​clck.ru/ajFSB}​. My experience include: - HTML5{slim, pug), ​ - CSS3{scss, less, bem}, - JavaScript{jquery, ts} - Angular{ rxjs, ngrx, material}, Vue{nuxt}, React - SSR, NodeJs, Npm -...

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    от 2 000 руб. за час

    In my short career I have delivered more than 3 web projects for customers: I took part in developing a SPA from scratch, and its maintenance. Also I have a high-quality implementation of the project logic, unit testing, good construction of the applications architecture, .I am interested in creating high-quality products. Able to effectively self-manage during independent projects, as well as collaborate in a team setting. In my previous projects, I took part in developing a SPA from scratch,...

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    Valentin Tarapata
    Senior .Net Developer (TL)
    от 2 300 руб. за час

    I have a highly regimented and direct nature which has created a working environment around me that produces the highest quality of work. I believe that developing a clear framework for daily operations can create a highly functional and productive workplace. I have a vast experience within IT and endeavour to continually grow my skill set the many projects we have. I find that I fully immerse myself into all ventures undertaken by any team in order to create the quality of work that I expect...

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    цена договорная

    We are a network of freelancers VsSolution, which is specializing on design/art! Actively seeking for clients who are in need of good quality art/animation/design/ 2D or 3D model Fast⏰: Ready to complete Your job in time Safety: Ready to work via big freelance platforms Quality✅: Large scope of freelancers will ensure a few different approaches to Your work

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    Gor Gevorgyan
    Web /Software/Hardware Dev.
    от 1 000 руб. за час

    Hi there! Welcome to my profile page. I'm Gor Gevorgyan from Armenia, a Full-Stack Web/Desktop App/Blockchain Developer. I started my career as a full-stack web developer before 3 years and I have since decided to focus on Blockchain. I am new to freelancing, but I am a passionate and creative developer. As a full-time freelancer, I can meet deadlines, maintain quality, and work on your time zone. My technical skills and proficiency include: o Languages * C, C++, C# *...

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    Jasur Saidov
    Programming, Web-DEV
    от 1 000 руб. за час

    Человек с многообразными навыками: - Программирование - Верстка сайтов - Монтаж видео - Обработка фото - Создание 3D-моделей * Программирование: - Python, JS(ECMAScript), Bash, C++, Java * Верстка сайтов: - HTML, CSS, SCSS, JS, jQuery * Монтаж видео: - Premier Pro, After Effects * Обработка фото: - Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects * Создание 3D-моделей: - Blender, 3ds-MAX

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    Oleh Trukhan
    QA Engineer
    от 850 руб. за час

    I am QA Engineer with 1.5 years of experience. Worked on big E-commerce projects(Drupal). I've built QA processes from 0 and bring the project to a new level of earnings. Wrote test strategy and cover all features using test cases. Was working w/ different external services that help control sales and move marketing to the correct way. For example(Google Analytics, Klaviyo, Shipstation, etc). Also, worked on different small projects. I know what to do on the short projects and how to make huge...

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    Artem Komarov
    от 5 000 руб. за проект

    "Professionals, Hello! I really want my first order. Thank you for coming to my profile." I am a web developer with 1,5 year experience. I have knowledge in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Technical Skills: - Frontend: HTML, CSS ( inc. css animations, svg ), JavaScript ( jQuery ) I carefully follow the latest innovations and trends in the field of web-development. I quickly learn new things and use the most effective methods for solving problems. Working with me, you get a qualified and quality...

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    от 1 200 руб. за час

    I'm looking for an interesting project from scratch or a project in an active development stage, where I can take an active part in choosing technologies and building an architecture. The most important thing for developer is the ability to write code, but not talk about it. I pay a lot of attention to the code quality. I spend a lot of free time devoting myself to self-study in programming, trying to keep abreast of new technologies.

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    Pavel Yampolsky
    Automation and manual QA
    от 800 руб. за час

    Тестирование десктопных и мобильных сайтов. Ведение тестовой документации. Создание и поддержка автоматических тестов. Desktop and mobile sites / app tests. Managing test documentation. Creating and maintaining automation tests.

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    Елена Борисевич
    от 1 000 руб. за час

    QA Tester with 3 years of work. I am driven and committed to develop test plans and strategies that will uphold the high standards of quality your products are known for. Ability to learn new software quickly. ● A thorough understanding of the software development process. ● Comprehensive understanding of computer programming languages: C++, JavaScript. ● In-depth knowledge of Mac OS, HTML, SQL, XML. ● Knowledge of functional, reliability and performance testing. ● Experience of...

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    от 650 руб. за час

    Hello Everyone, THANKS FOR COME ON MY PROFILE..... I AM HAPPY TO INTRODUCE MY KEY SKILLS TESTING SKILL: Functional testing: Smoke testing, Sanity testing, Integration Testing, Interface Testing, System Testing, Regression Testing. Non-Functional testing: UI Testing , Compatibility testing. I am Certified Tester with approximately 5 years of performing Manual activities for some of the most innovative companies in the world. I’m here to bring your ideas and vision of...

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    от 1 600 руб. за час

    I'm a front-end developer with 2 years of commercial experience. Through it I have built and maintained responsive websites for different directions: search, personal, corporate websites, business card sites, and blogs. Proficient in VueJs, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, I am also familiar with back-end part (Node js, sql, postgreSQL). Have experience with increasing optimization (Google page speed insights, Lighthouse, criticalCSS, webpack, postCSS). Headed to improve accessibility of web...