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Ui/UX дизайн

Graphic Designer (contract)

Добавлено 07 июн 2022 в 16:45
I've worked at poubelledirect (Paris) for about 10 month. I've revamped their product (website itself), catalogue and other indoor designs. This brand collaborates directly with different businesses around the world, such as: Ikea, Céline, PayPal, Uber, Dior etc.

● Strengthened and created some new patters of a brand identity according to the latest trends in that sphere
● Designed and developed the product alongside with the team
● Made the iteration through the pages of a catalogue highly-fidelity one and intuitive

Check this work over my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aleksey-ivanov-ui-ux/

Check poubelledirect website: https://poubelledirect.com/
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