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Ui/UX дизайн

UI/UX Designer (contract)

Добавлено 07 июн 2022 в 17:11
Dashify helps businesses with numerous processes that almost every business has, such as: management, tracking, promotion etc.

What I’ve achieved:

  • We created a singular and timeless logo that turns out to be very modern.
  • The color palette of this project was established taking into account the psychology of the color blue, a color that is associated with tranquility, trust and credibility, essential values in this type of company.
  • We chose a secondary with high contrast that would reflect that accessible and fun personality, taking into account that the company wanted to show itself with a revolutionary and innovative proposal.
  • For the graphic line we use geometric figures and extracts of the same typography of the logo, playing with contrasts and figure in depth, as a result we have a fun graphic line without losing that touch of formality.

Check that work over Figma: https://www.figma.com/file/YHnfqW0dsT4P9Nyf9Tgh0Q/...

Check it over my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aleksey-ivanov-ui-ux/
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