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Добавлено 30 мар 2023 в 11:26
Altyn bank - altyn-i.kz, Almaty – Software developer
Altyn-i is a digital online banking platform with ~200K users.
The integration of backend systems with bank IBM BUS via Rest API (Spring boot) dramatically increased functionality.
Implemented booking flight payment forms and integrated them with the backend.
Implemented "Golden Crown", "Moneygram" transfers from scratch on UI.
Implemented components that increased UI development and usability.
Developed features related to customer's products such as accounts,
deposits, credit, debit, and virtual cards, credits.
Implemented react spa for notary and appraisers for check applications of customers to digital mortgage from scratch.
Implemented the second authentification factor on UI.
Implemented Webpack configs, 7-1 SCSS pattern, ReactJS, and Webpack to projects from scratch.
Leading frontend developers team.
Optimized styles and removed redundant code.
Improved dynamical constructor of forms, that helped to increase the usability of UI and improved functionality of business processes.
Improved UI tests via selenium web driver in Java, that improved business processes in a team, and made regression tests without human checking.
Optimized CI/CD pipelines.
Solved 90+ problems on leetcode.com
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