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Web разработчик


Добавлено 30 мар 2023 в 11:29
I have demonstrated proficiency in creating and managing local npm packages to streamline code reuse and expedite the release of new features. By leveraging this approach, I have successfully improved development efficiency and minimized project delivery timescales. Through my extensive experience, I have gained a deep understanding of best practices in package management and have implemented robust strategies for maintaining package quality and reliability.
Also I worked on a project where I developed a new merchant portal and POS application management system from scratch. Throughout the development process, I used test-driven development (TDD) practices with tools such as Jest, React Testing Library, and Cypress to ensure that the code was thoroughly tested and reliable.
To improve the maintainability and readability of the codebase, I implemented dependency injection (DI) with Inversify and MobX/React. This streamlined the development process and allowed for more efficient debugging and maintenance of the code. By using these tools, we were able to increase productivity and achieve better project outcomes overall.
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