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Woofiesta resaurant - logo and identity

Добавлено 06 мар 2024 в 16:32
The task was to create a logo and brand identity for a Mexican restaurant. The naming was created together with the logo.

"Woofiesta" is a vibrant and inclusive family restaurant dedicated to showcasing the finest dishes from diverse Mexican cuisine. Our primary aim is to create a captivating identity that appeals to adults, teenagers, and even the youngest members of the family, fostering a joyous and comfortable atmosphere for shared experiences.
To achieve this, our logo combines two powerful symbols:
1. Mexican Mask: This symbol is deeply rooted in Mexican culture and evokes the vibrancy and jubilation of the celebrated holiday, El Día de Muertos. Our version of the mask embraces the lively spirit of this occasion, bursting with colors, flowers, ribbons, and captivating decorations that bring cheerfulness to the streets.
2. Chihuahua: Originating from Mexico, the Chihuahua breed holds a special place in people's hearts worldwide. By incorporating this adorable and beloved dog breed into our logo, we enhance its charm and make it universally appealing to people of all ages. Few can resist the irresistible charm of a cute dog face!

The brand identity harmoniously reflects this lively and cheerful concept through the use of vibrant colors, inspired by traditional Mexican motifs and patterns. These elements infuse our visual identity with an authentic Mexican essence, allowing guests to immerse themselves in a festive and welcoming atmosphere from the moment they step through our doors.
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