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Crypto bot autoposting

Добавлено 20 мар 2024 в 18:21
text of the news and posts it to the telegram channel independently (autoposting).

We make a request to the server with cryptographic news once in a certain period of time and enter them into the database. Next, we take out the news from the database one by one, using SerpAPI from Google, a picture is selected based on keywords.

Keywords and rewriting of the news is done with the help of an assistant from GPT.

The admin can edit the channel for posting and the news itself.
All commands are available only with a password to the bot.

The news can be edited according to several parameters:
1. The text of the news
2. Picture for the news
3. Delete the news
4. You can leave the news unchanged and move on to the next one
5. You can exit the editor

After editing, all changes will be made to the database, and already changed news will be posted to the channel.