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AlexGPT digital assistant

Добавлено 20 мар 2024 в 18:24
Telegram bot, digital copy of the blogger, aiogram library

AlexGPT is a digital copy, an assistant that can communicate with users in two roles:
1. The Reels Scenario
2. Digital copy of AlexGPT
Both of these models are trained according to the langchain method.

You can switch between roles without saving the context, during communication in one role, the context is saved (a large context window), that is, the assistant has memory. The context of the conversation can be cleared at any time (it is impossible to restore).

The payment system from Yookassa is connected to the bot, so you can buy a subscription or tokens separately, you can also disable the delay in responses and restrictions on messages.

The bot also implements image generation based on a text description using the publicly available API.

We have not forgotten about the referral system, the idea of which is to encourage participants who have brought new bot users via their personal link.

The bot administrator has access to commands that can only be implemented with a password:

1. Change the dataset for roles
2. Change the template or system prompt to roles
3. Changing the OpenAI key
4. Replenishment of the participant's balance
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