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[MagasPR.com] CEO KuCoin Johnny Lyu PR Campaign report May-October2022

Добавлено 25 мая 2024 в 17:48
Global media recognize Johnny Lyu's wide expertise in a range of cryptocurrency and blockchain-related aspects. Published articles are not only an important part of the brand image but also a channel of interaction with KuCoin users.

Johnny’s online recognition has reached such a degree that his name is already being mentioned on par with the title of KuCoin CEO. The media are eagerly accepting his articles and citations, and are selecting him as a priority speaker in case of media queries. The strategy of opting for Johnny Lyu’s open form of communication with journalists and users, as well as proper selection of the applied tone of voice, which is becoming more concise, bold and mature, is yielding positive results.

Interviews with Johnny Lyu have been published in such media outlets as Forbes, Business Insider, Nasdaq, and Coindesk.

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